Welcome to Anna Brasier Writing & Editing Services.

Whether you’re writing for business or personal purposes, clear and concise communication is vital. I can assist you with clear and effective writing and consistent editing.

I can help you get the best out of your words; from the early writing stage, right through to the final edit.

Please take a moment to read my website where you will find a list of services available.

Whatever your needs, please contact me for a consultation.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Anna My name is Jonathan. I’m not sure if you are the same person who wrote the article ‘mixed lollies’ published in the Big Issue. Assuming that it was you, I just wanted to say what a lovely story it was. I really enjoyed your prose, the words felt tangible, I could feel the wind and dust as you sat behind your brother on his new bike! You were nostalgic but grateful for your childhood and the town you grew up in. Thank you for sharing that, it made me feel happy.

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